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Low Tide Sunset by Alan Zawacki

36"x48" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas


Alan Zawacki in Sarasota, FL on Houzz
Secret Harbour Blue by Alan Zawacki
Lido Days by Alan Zawacki

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Using Original Art in Interior Design

Art is often selected because of how it fits within a design scheme and style; Coastal, Contemporary, Eclectic, Tropical, Modern, and Transitional to name a few. However, art can be one of the most personal choices a client homeowner can make while decorating their home. The best circumstance is when a piece of art is chosen because it resonates strongly with the homeowner and also greatly enhance the space it is displayed in.

When deciding how to incorporate a client’s wall space into the overall room design, large original, artwork can add personality, sophistication and warmth to a room and sets the tone for the entire space.

Large Original Paintings can provide:

  • An instant color palette
  • A focal point
  • A sense of texture
  • Movement
  • Balance scale
  • A rotating gallery
  • A personal statement
  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge that it’s a one-of-a-kind piece
  • Memories of a special place

Finally, selecting tropical fine art paintings for specific focal points in the home or office can bring an interior design project to completion as a welcoming, tranquil and warm, living or working space. An original tropical fine art painting can add the grandeur of the Caribbean to the space like no other design piece. The painting can bring back the ambiance of a favorite island vacation destination or a more generic tropical scene that just relaxes and inspires.

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Contemplation by Alan Zawacki

36"x72" acrylic on gallery wrap linen

Contemplation by Alan Zawacki

Secret Harbour Blue by Alan Zawacki

36"x72" acrylic on gallery wrap linen

Lido Days by Alan Zawacki

24"x72" oil on gallery wrap linen

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